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Sea Salt Scrubs

Our Sea Salt Scrub is an amazing skin conditioner. You can say good-bye to dry, chapped, thirsty skin. Slough off those dead skin cells to see new, rejuvenated soft skin.


Our natural Sea Salt Scrub is loaded with vitamins and nutrients to pamper your face and body. By nature, our Sea Salt will have an occasional darker speck in it which is completely normal (it's part of the salt). Simply wash and apply our Sea Salt Scrub, working it into your skin, and rinse. If you have really dry skin, wash and rinse lightly (or not at all) and work the deliciously salty oil in deep.


To apply to your face, first wet a wash cloth and put our Sea Salt Scrub onto your cloth. Wash your face as usual, then apply gently, and rinse. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and conditioned. The ingredients we lovingly include put in are here for the conditioning, moisturizing, and anti-aging of your precious skin. Please do not use on any open sores as the salt may sting. Enjoy!


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